Your story... and a little bit of mine. 


This story has many beginnings. Here are a few: It all started when...

... a little 5 year old girl picked up a disposable camera and took pictures of everything she saw

... an 11 year old girl picked up a 'big black camera' and decided she wanted one of her very own 

... a 14 year old girl bought her first DSLR and fell in love with people and their stories

... a 15 year old girl shot her first wedding and decided from that moment on that this was what she was going to do for the rest of her life

... now a boy fell in love with a girl and they chose that same young girl to stand beside them and document their beginning of forever. 

That girl is me + that couple is you. I have always loved people and the fascination of taking pictures has engulfed me for as long as I can remember. I have a passion for emotion and I am blown away that I get to capture them for people. Weddings have always held such a fantastically special place in my heart. The excitement, the tears, the love, the joy... Everything about them gives me such a joy! I'm so grateful that my couples give me the chance to live my dream + share their best and most beautiful moments with them. SO THANK YOU! I couldn't have gotten where I am and experienced the things I have without the support of my rad brides + grooms. Y'all are the bomb!